Carbon Filters by Can-Filters

Throughout the growing process, every medical marijuana grower eventually encounters odor. Most of us enjoy the odors that our beautiful plants omit, but it is usually best if the whole neighborhood isn’t blanketed in a sea of fruity-skunky stank.

If a thief knows where something of value is, they will eventually try to take it. Therefore, quality odor control becomes an extension of security for your grow room. There are many different odor control options on the market today. Some of them cover the odor with a different fragrance and some remove the odor by “scrubbing” it through activated carbon. For a long term fix, the latter is always my recommendation. Besides, the activated carbon method leaves no odor behind; other options may leave your grow room smelling like a new car or a laundry mat.

Activated carbon filters by Can-filters are my personal choice for odor removal. They use a virgin activated carbon capable of eliminating 99.5% of all odor. These filters are somewhat heavy and cumbersome but their effectiveness is far superior to smaller, lighter filters claiming the same airflow capability.

All carbon filters are rated by a maximum airflow, so it is very important to know the CFMs (cubic feet per minute) of your fan before purchasing a filter. If the fan is too powerful for the filter, the air passes through the carbon too quickly and the odor will not be removed. Can-filters come in a variety of sizes so finding one to match your fan’s airflow is no problem.

Can-filters have a suggested life span of 18-24 months but I have had them last well over two years. When it’s time for a new one, a new filter can be purchased or Can-filter sells replacement virgin carbon for refilling the cartridge.


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