Craigslist personalsLooking for 420 love on Craigslist?

Can You Find a Good 420 Girl on Craigslist Personals?

Can you find an attractive, nice, marijuana-loving girl in Craigslist personals?

If you visit the Craigslist personals sections in the strictly platonic, women seeking men, and casual encounters categories, you often see advertisements from women who include 420 in their ad.

Sometimes you see Craigslist personals men seeking women advertisements posted by guys who say they’ve got 420 and are willing to share it with the right girl.

You might also see a girl describing herself as 420 friendly, advertising in the Craigslist housing wanted, or rooms shared category.

And then there are the marijuana sellers using Craigslist to advertise their buds, cannabis concentrates, or medibles.

One of our writers did an entire article on selling and procuring cannabis on Craigslist, which you can read here.

In the Craigslist strictly platonic relationships section, marijuana adverts often feature an alleged female who wants you to get her high with your own weed, dabs, or other cannabis products… at your own expense.

These girls usually make it clear you’re not going to get much if anything in return.

Especially not sex.

They say they want to “chill,” play video games, have you take them to dinner, or just hang out, with YOUR marijuana included, but you’re not going to get laid.

You’re not going to get anything, except used by the girl so she gets free weed!

Here are some examples of actual Craigslist personals platonic relationships ads:

“Hello, I’m a single mother, 31 years, looking for male friends to chill with. I’m educated, employed, normal, just need someone to be able to laugh, joke, get stoned with. Nothing sexual. I tend to get along with men better then other women due to the pettiness that comes from women. I’m fun, outgoing, personable, open minded, and a great listener. So if you are interested in smoking some of your herb with me, let me know. Thanks!!”

“Hey are there any generous smokers around here? I’m a cute woman seeking a 420 friend. I’m leaving work early today, feeling a little stressed. Need to get high. So if you want somebody to smoke with, hmu! No sex is gonna happen. Just want to smoke your weed.”

In the Craigslist romantic relationships and casual encounters section, the deal is different.

In the women seeking men Craigslist personals category, many of the advertisers say they’re “420 friendly.” But 420 isn’t the only thing they’re looking for.

The advertisement isn’t all about having you share your marijuana. They’re listing 420 as one of their interests, the same way they’d list exercising or watching movies.

In the casual encounters section, which is by far the most hazardous and sleazy section of Craigslist personals ads, girls ask for 420 while offering the promise of sex.

Some guys hope that a girl will have sex with you if you give her enough marijuana.

Here’s a typical Craigslist casual encounters marijuana girl advertisement:

“Horny 21 y/o Caucasian girl in good shape. FWB and NSA. If you have 420 flowers or dabs we can meet at café near me and then if I like you, you come over to my apt and eat me good, suck the clit. I’m clean and DDF. Prefer under 35, must be clean, DF, drama free, ready to voice verify. If you’re older than 35, you need to give me at least an oz or more of fine flowers just to get a lick in. Send me pictures of your buds or dabs, and one of your face, not your dick. If I like what I see, I’ll get back to you right away.”

Of course, there are many problems with finding a safe, pleasant, legitimate 420 girl on Craigslist.

The main problem is that very few people on Craigslist are trustworthy.

The percentage of scammers, thieves, losers, liars, sociopaths, hookers, sex addicts, and psychotic people is very very very very very high in the Craigslist dating sections.

Police officers definitely use Craigslist personals to bust people for marijuana and prostitution.

My male and female friends and I have been discussing Craigslist 420 girls.

I’ve heard enough success stories to be able to say there are at least a few real females on Craigslist worth getting high with.

One of my friends reports two different girls who eventually did satisfying hook-ups with him when he responded to their Craigslist 420 adverts.

Another friend met a 420 girl he is now dating and growing marijuana with!

So, yes, miracles can (rarely) happen on Craigslist. Here’s how to make it work for you:

  • Use an email account that’s not in your real name, and always use the Craigslist “anonymized email” address for your first contacts with advertisers.
  • Never admit to growing marijuana.
  • In the first email you send to a 420 girl advertiser, ask specific questions such as location, age, body type, fitness level, sexual orientation, educational level, what kind of marijuana she prefers, is she partnered or single, does she live alone or with others, what will she give you if you share cannabis with her, why she’s on Craigslist asking for marijuana. If a girl doesn’t answer those questions, stop talking to her.
  • Don’t be desperate or in a hurry. You want to have many email exchanges with the 420 girl before you go to the next step.

  • The next step is to ask the girl to give you her phone number, KIK, or Skype address so you can talk directly to her. Again, make sure your phone number, KIK, Skype or other method of communication is anonymized.
  • When you’re speaking with her via electronica, pay close attention to her body language, vocal tone, eye contact, and background noises. You’re trying to detect her environment, and her sincerity and honesty.
  • If the 420 girl is pressuring you to meet her right away, asking you to bring significant weight, saying she has a boyfriend or husband, evasive, playing games, won’t do a phone call or Skype or KIK, or otherwise giving you a weird vibe, immediately cease all contact with her.
  • Get to know the girl really well before you agree to meet with her in person.

  • If you’re comfortable enough with her to meet in person, set the meeting in a public place. Don’t bring marijuana with you. Don’t drive there and park where anyone can see you from the meeting place. If the 420 girl is more than a few minutes late for the meeting, abort the meeting and have no further contact with the girl.
  • Especially if you’re a marijuana grower, NEVER invite a stranger into your home. Even with girls you meet in regular life rather than on Craigslist personals, you never invite them to your grow op unless you’re sure you can trust them with your life.
  • If the 420 girl is in the casual encounters section especially, be sure to see multiple photos of her before you book a meeting.
  • If the 420 girl is in the casual encounters section, get a clear understanding of whether she’s trading sex for weed, and all the details surrounding that.
  • Consider bringing a friend with you to the first meeting, so the friend can observe the 420 girl and give you an outsider’s evaluation on her character, looks, and integrity.
  • Don’t allow a girl to lead you on, use you, or otherwise abuse you. Try to stay detached and rational, aware that girls are masters at running games on guys, especially if the girl is attractive.
  • Don’t be desperate. If you get even the slightest hint that something isn’t right, abort the mission and banish the girl from your life. Better safe than sorry.
  • If you want to advertise in the men seeking women casual, relationships, or strictly platonic section, that’s probably not much more risky than responding to a girl’s 420 ad.
  • Remember that most of the girls on Craigslist personals are selfish, needy, and not so nice. I mean, just look at the ads I copied and pasted above!
  • Girls who are fit and good-looking rarely have to resort to Craigslist personals. Most girls on Craigslist are overweight, if not morbidly obese. They call themselves “curvy,” or BBW (big, beautiful woman).

In general, I’d suggest you go out and do things in the real world rather than relying on online dating sites or Craigslist personals ads when you’re looking for love, sex, and a 420 friend.

Read my article here about 420 online dating.

I wish I could say the world was fair or kind to guys who grow the finest marijuana and that all of us females who love marijuana will be attracted to you because you grow the Kind herb.

But that wouldn’t be true. There are a lot of sick, evil girls out there. Be careful.

On the other hand, there are beautiful, sweet, nice, healthy, physically fit girls in this world who love to get high, and if you work hard to be a good person and treat women with respect and honesty, sooner or later you’ll find the 420 goddess you deserve.

Never be desperate. Never be so desirous of sex or love that you chase after a woman, or trust a Craigslist advertiser before you know if that person is a real 420 girl, and a good person.

Your desire for sex or love can get you into big trouble.

Be extremely careful on Craigslist personals, especially if you’re in the marijuana industry.

And if you want to help the marijuana community, post this article link on Craigslist personals in the appropriate categories!

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