Brown Dirt Warrior’s In-Depth Guide To Outdoor Medical Marijuana Germination

In this video, Outdoor Growing Guru the Brown Dirt Warrior shows viewers some of his tips and tricks for ultimate outdoor marijuana germination. Starting with un-sprouted seeds on paper towels and ending with hearty ready-to-plant young adults, this step-by-step guide, which includes all of his recommended soil mixtures and nutrient additives, is ideal for any outdoor grower.

The BDW seems to have picked out the ideal soil and nutrient mixture, utilizing ProMix, Advanced Nutrients’ Tarantula ​(beneficial bacteria), Voodoo Juice (root development booster), and B-52 (overall development booster) to create the ultimate soil mixture. The video tells growers when to add these ingredients and why.

Using beneficial microbes like beneficial bacteria and fungi are becoming more popular as their results are proven to be excellent. Adding these little guys to your soil or liquid nutrient mixture can really aid in the development of your plants as they improve your roots’ ability to absorb those expensive nutrients you give them.


Enter the world of Brown Dirt Warrior on his new website, for lots more videos, including his cult classic, Prohibition.

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