Brown Dirt Warrior Master Grow Guide For Outdoor Weed Growing

In this installment of the Brown Dirt Warrior’s “Guerilla Files,” our outdoor-growing expert shows us some of the tips and tricks for choosing the perfect outdoor forest growing location. This is a huge decision to make, as outdoor growers more frequently contend with law enforcement, hunters, hikers, and other off-road revelers, plus much more ominous individuals like Mexican Drug Cartel members who set up camp in California’s forests.

The BDW is full of useful information about choosing an ideal grow site, from the obvious (try to find a water source nearby and avoid large, busy roads) to things that some of us my never think of. His focus surrounds silence and camouflage, suggesting that growers hunt down their chosen grow spot, (one off-the-beaten path with low-traffic access roads relatively close, but not too close, then park a small ways away, camouflaging your vehicle.

Dressing yourself as a bicycle rider (gear and all) will allow you to to easily cruise down the and duck into the forest via to the hidden entrance to your grow area. To leave, the grow gear comes off, bike gear goes back on, and the process is reversed. This will ensure that passing cars simply see you as a hardcore cyclist (and with the BDW’s ridiculous physique few will question his athleticism).

As the Brown Dirt Warrior says in the video:

You must be like a ninja of the wilderness when you’re the grower. Prohibition demands this of us. But, they can never win the war, for wars of ideology are never won in the battlefield — they are won in the hearts and minds of men.

This is just a small portion of the excellent information that the BDW’s videos, like this one, provide to growers, and although he is an outdoor grower, many of his tips are appropriate for indoor growers as well — I have learned some tricks for my own indoor grow from the BDW. 


Enter the world of Brown Dirt Warrior on his new website, for lots more videos, including his cult classic, Prohibition.


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