Big Bloom by Fox Farms

There are an increasing number of organic nutrients and additives being produced by the indoor gardening industry. This is because more medical marijuana gardeners are turning to organic products for increased quality and flavor. For many dirt farmers, adding worm casting or bat guano is as easy as ripping open a package and mixing it into their bag of soil. Unfortunately, for the hydroponic grower, adding organic amendments isn’t as simple. Hydroponic systems are sensitive to the sediment and sludge which are produced by many of the organic additives available. It is possible for the grower to brew his or her own teas, but many simply do not have the time to invest into a brewing project.

The good folks of Fox Farm have produced Big Bloom; a micro-brewed organic tea that is compatible with soil and hydroponic systems. Big Bloom is a quality organic additive, rich in hormones, vitamins, enzymes and beneficial microbes. This odorless formula works wonders for quality when added to virtually any hydroponic fertilizer regiment. You will notice your plants producing richer, fuller aromas and flavors when Big Bloom is being used.

Big Bloom’s diverse list of ingredients includes worm castings, bat guano, seabird guano, Norwegian kelp and rock phosphate. It is this combination of ingredients that gives Big Bloom its flavor producing punch and its ability to increase yields.

When using in hydroponic systems, I recommend staying on the low end of the manufacturer’s recommended dose. This product is beneficial in both vegetative and flowering stages and can even be used as a cloning solution in some mediums. There is a reason this product is in high demand at hydroponic stores; it really works. Anyone growing in a hydroponic system should try adding Big Bloom for an increase in flavor and fragrance.

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