Bean There – Brown Dirt Warrior’s Horror Experience in Growing Marijuana from Seeds

K, so you see a strain you like in a seed catalog by a reputable seed company and you put your order in. The genetics seem so good, exactly what you wanted, that you have daydreams about the fantastic crop you are going to have.


It Always Begins With Excitement and Anticipation…

Within days you find yourself checking your girlfriend’s mailbox to see if your beans have arrived. Finally, they come and you handle the package as though it is a sacred artifact, crack it open, and study your seeds for any hint of how special they might be. But of course all seeds look virtually the same.

Anxious, you get down to germination. You do everything right—exactly by the book—to pop them and you wait. …and wait. …and wait.

Then, one day, just before you are about the throw them out, one pops, then two. And the rest are duds. This is a red flag, because you paid top dollar for crappy germination rates, but you made the investment — so you grow out what sprouted and hope for the best.


…Then The Red Flags Just Keep Coming

The plants vegetate quite well and have an interesting structure, but the real tale of the tape is how they flower. This one is supposed to be a quick finisher outside, a six week strain. But already it is August and it is JUST starting to bud. Yet another red flag. And the plant looks NOTHING like the one with the beefy buds in the catalog.

Fall comes and your fantastic strain is not so fantastic after all. It does not quite finish before the threat of first frost, and the buds are airy. What happen? You got burned by false advertising my friend, in the shady underworld of seedy seed companies selling snake oil.


How To Protect Yourself When Buying Marijuana Seeds

Almost everyone who has bought seeds knows the scenario I have just described here. The unregulated business of marijuana seed vendors is rife with stories of false advertising for pot seeds.

Here is what you can do to to help insure against this kind of thievery.

Don’t be taken by exotic names and superlative text about a strain — it’s just creative writing. It means nothing.

 – Go with reputable breeders who have been around for a while and have good names in the business.

 – Look in the forums for growers who have grown out the strain you want and, if possible, PM them for information about how it performs.

 – Look for pictorial and video documentation of the strain in question, from sprouting to harvest.

Do your homework before investing in a strain. A grow cycle in or outdoors is a big investment in terms of time, energy and resources, to leave your destiny to the claims of someone you do not even know. Take for granted that what you see is not necessarily what you get in the unregulated world of seed sales.

Happy Trails!


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