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Brown Dirt Warrior Master Grow Guide For Outdoor Weed Growing

In this installment of the Brown Dirt Warrior’s “Guerilla Files,” our outdoor-growing expert shows us some of the tips and tricks for choosing the perfect outdoor forest growing location. This is a huge decision to make, as outdoor growers more frequently contend with law enforcement, hunters, hikers, and other off-road revelers, plus much more ominous individuals like […]

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Therapeutic With Browndirtwarrior

Get ready to learn how to grow the best meds under the sun with the Browndirtwarrior! Now comes the most comprehensive video series on the art and craft of growing clinical grade medical marijuana, brought to you by Big Buds Magazine. With over 25 years of growing experience and expertise in the field, Browndirt presents […]

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Grow Great Marijuana Nugs By Forcing Your Plants

As novices, we have all experienced plants that have grown wonderfully articulate buds that did not finish as tight “nugs,”  much to our dismay. They looked great to the eye, but when they are dried down, they actually became light and airy—one of a growers’ worst nightmares. If you want thick, solid, earlier nugs, force […]

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