Are You a Good or Poor Marijuana Grower? The Brown Dirt Warrior Will Tell You

What is a GOOD Grower?

A good grower is a preventative grower who thinks ahead about the plant’s needs and potential problems and seldom gets behind the eight ball. The growing cycle of a short day dichotomous plant is finite and once things are set in motion, the plant is driven by its own biological agenda, and not by the grower’s.

Those who put things off and make excuses about getting crucial jobs done before they turn into problems do not make good growers. Good growers are also not afraid of hard work, they have the work ethic of a corporate CEO. Good growers take pride in workmanship and understand the direct coloration between care, attention, work and success.

Good growers are not paint by numbers opportunists looking to make a quick buck or an easy score, they love what they do and strive to be the best. They pay attention to small details and never cut corners when it comes to the needs of their plants. Good growers strive to excel and improve the quality of their crops each cycle, and not just the quantity.

Good growers seek out the best nutrients and hardware for their plants in order to insure they get the best of everything they need. Good growers arm themselves with all the knowledge about growing they can find.


On The Other Hand…

Poor Growers are lazy. They think growing is basically an easy score and that marijuana plants essentially take care of themselves with little help from people.

Poor growers are reactive after neglect and not preventative or proactive. Poor growers confront avoidable problems often with knee-jerk reactions and make bad choices about the plants’ needs as a result.

Poor growers want something for nothing and believe that quality lies in the genetics and not in the care and attention that goes into the growing. Poor growers are paint by numbers kind of guys and lack intuition about plant biology. Poor growers have consistently poor crops. Poor growers make excuses for bad crops and blame everything but themselves when they fail or are substandard.

So what are you? A poor grower or a good grower? You have a choice, you know.


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