Marijuana Oil

Why I Overdosed on Marijuana Coconut Oil

I made a big mistake trying to make and use marijuana medibles, and it’s a mistake many others have made, so I’m going to share what happened, so you avoid the mistake! The first thing is, I love experimenting with edible and topical cannabis, and this time I wanted to make the perfect base oil […]

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Marijuana DUI

Marijuana & Driving: Stay Out of Jail & the Hospital

We’ve done several articles about marijuana and driving under the influence, focusing mostly on discriminatory “driving while high” laws that set unscientific, arbitrary blood limits for THC. Our articles point out that marijuana affects each of us differently, so THC blood levels are a totally unreliable predictor of marijuana intoxication and driving impairment. Marijuana researcher, […]

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Outdoor Marijuana Growing

Outdoor Marijuana Growing: Time to Start Planning

Outdoor marijuana growing advice in a marijuana magazine article has to be kind of “general,” because we all live in different climate zones and because the overall climate and weather are becoming increasingly unpredictable. The big news is that as this article goes live, Spring is only a few weeks away…and it’s never too early […]

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Marijuana Medibles

Get the Most from Eating Your Marijuana!

Eating marijuana instead of inhaling it is a different and exciting cannabis high. But some people eat too much cannabis, or eat it in the wrong setting, and have a bad trip. Or, they might be eating marijuana edible products (often called medibles) that weren’t prepared or dose-controlled properly. According to Michael Straumietis, an international […]

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Single Marijuana Plant

Five Rules For Successful Marijuana Cloning

Marijuana growers have two choices when it comes to starting new plants: grow from seed, or grow from clone. Nowadays, it’s easier to buy marijuana clones than ever before, especially if you’re in Colorado or Washington. And marijuana clones do offer advantages that growing cannabis from seed can’t offer… Growing from clones you’re sure to […]

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