pH Marijuana

Bad pH Can Kill Your Marijuana Plants—And You Too!

Marijuana growers know that the pH of your nutrients water and root zone powerfully impact your marijuana plants. It would take hours to explain the complex chemistry behind pH and how pH influences all organisms, not just marijuana plants. For us as cannabis growers, the important facts are that pH is a measure of the acidity […]

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3 Ways to Know You’re a Professional Marijuana Grower

We often talk about “professional” marijuana growers, and some people ask what we mean by that. Are we talking only about people who make a lot of money growing marijuana, or something else? So here are three ways to know you’re a professional marijuana grower… * You can be sure of a successful cannabis harvest […]

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Cannabis Roots

Marijuana Roots: The Untold Story

What do you do with the stalk and root ball of your marijuana plants after harvest? I do a post-mortem—a focused post-harvest inspection of the root ball—to see how dense, branched, healthy, and vibrant the roots are. I want to see cannabis roots that look like the photo accompanying this article: white, dense, thick. Because […]

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Plant in hands

Top 3 Soil Products for Marijuana Growers

Growing marijuana in soil is a mixed blessing for growers. Soil is more forgiving when it comes to root zone pH and nutrients buffering, but is almost impossible to totally control when it comes to feed programs and root zone problems…especially when compared to a pure hydroponics system such as aeroponics or deep water culture. […]

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With Apologies to Metallica: Dangers of Mixing Heavy Metal & Marijuana

Here’s a crazy fact: cannabis plants are used as living vacuum cleaners that suck radioactive components out of the ground at the Chernobyl nuclear disaster site in Russia. Cannabis is so efficient at sucking in and storing materials that it’s included in a category of plants called “accumulator plants.” But this accumulation power of marijuana plants creates […]

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